Choose your cause from a vast network of 250+ nonprofits, define your audience, and set your budget. We will then lay the groundwork for a campaign that’s as altruistic as it is effective.


Using sophisticated criteria, Myosin expertly matches your brand with an audience that’s demographically aligned and emotionally connected. This ensures the highest conversion rate possible. We match audiences according to:

  • Demographics
  • Psychographics
  • Content
  • Consumption
  • Purchase Behaviors


We reach out to these aligned consumers through 100% compliant text messaging. Consumers receive a simple text message inviting them to take part in a noble cause. The message? Help us direct a portion of our advertising budget to a nonprofit of your choice.


Interested consumers are led to a landing page via a link in the text message. Consumers act by selecting a nonprofit to benefit from your donation, confirming their selection with their phone number. In turn, your brand and the nonprofit gather valuable lead data, enriching your CRM with contacts that share your values.


This isn’t where our journey ends. With the newly acquired opt-in lead data, brands can engage these consumers further. Through tailored text messaging sequences, brands offer special deals, discounts, and more, driving purchases and deepening consumer relationships.