Our Process

Myosin combines foundational data with next level practitioners to create real business results.

Your customers are not linear, so your marketing should not be either. We create a holistic and actionable view of your customer using three key pillars: Your Brand, Your Data, Your Media.


Your brand

Creative Messaging

Cognitive Resonance

Creative + Data: We align the emotional drivers in your creative with your audiences’ needs and content consumption, leading to a 30% increase in conversions.

Emotional Drivers3

Data Driven Brand Advocacy

We transform your customers from product loyalists into brand advocates by bridging the gap between the emotional drivers in your creative and the essence of your brand.

Your Data

Identity Resolution4

Identity Resolution & Unified Customer View

Leveraging consent driven static signals, Myosin unifies your first party data to bridge online and offline data variables to create a complete profile of your customer.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Modeling and Analytics

Know what is about to happen, before it happens. We can help you better forecast success and identify new customer cohorts to help your business stay future focused and ahead of the competition.

Your Media

Media Activation10

AI-Powered Performance Marketing

Our data shamans create custom algorithms for your business. Myosin combines AI with best-in-class performance marketing talent to drive increased revenue through media activation.


Multi-Touch Attribution

We create effective measurement solutions by bridging the gap between online and offline sales. Through proper attribution, you gain access to best-in-class media optimization and a deeper behavioral understanding of your customers.

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