Sean Clayton


Sean Clayton

Founding Partner

A Dallas native and 15-year digital media veteran, Sean is considered a guiding light in the digital marketing landscape. Co-founder and CEO of Myosin, a data-science powered marketing platform and consultancy, Sean and his team fuse data and artistry with precision science, for more effective marketing and accelerated growth.

 With an extensive background in developing comprehensive digital marketing solutions, Sean has established a reputation for using data and human psychology to power groundbreaking ideas and develop holistic, hyper-targeted omnichannel client solutions. As such, Myosin applies authenticated original data, best in class technology and skilled data scientists, to help brands optimize engagement with existing audiences, grow new audiences, and sell more.

In his current role, Sean leads initiatives for an impressive portfolio of Fortune 500 brands – across various industries including but not limited to Fintech, fitness, healthcare, retail, and e-commerce – as well as major distributors in the entertainment industry. Industry agnostic, he delivers record-breaking performance results, surpassing revenue and profit-margin objectives.

 Sean also serves as Chief Strategy Officer and President of the Entertainment Division at SITO Mobile, where he is focused on enhancing SITO’s product development offerings with a data-first, consultancy approach to evolving client needs. Under his leadership, SITO’s Strategic Advisory Group provides enterprise clients with powerful ad media and data-driven intelligence solutions to drive robust revenue growth. As President, Sean has worked with film studios such as Lionsgate, Sony, and Fox, to craft results-focused data, media, and attribution solutions. In the first year alone, SITO’s Entertainment Division eclipsed $15mm in revenue, with healthy margins. Sean also played a critical role in fortifying SITO’s position as a leader in data-based marketing, propelling company revenues north of $50mm.

Before joining SITO, Sean was instrumental in building data-driven media solutions for digital marketing providers – New Base, Splash Media, and Multiview. Using a content-centered macro strategy to develop unique data sets, Sean is credited for increasing media performance toward a combined revenue total of $200mm across these three companies.

Sean has also worked at the grassroots level, locally and internationally, to strategize and build businesses, managing and optimizing them from the ground up. Bringing this spirit with him in every role, Sean marries agility with cutting edge user acquisition and marketing strategies to help brands uncover and execute available, but unknown sustainable solutions across a wide range of areas including: planning, ad ops, trafficking, e-commerce (landing page conversion rate optimization), and creative direction.

Sean is a frequent industry speaker and thought leader. He has been published in notable industry outlets, including TechCrunch, Martech Series, eMarketer, Street Fight, and Apparel Magazine. 

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